About Us

Ascent Stones are a UK based provider of natural paving stones and porcelain paving slabs. We pride ourselves in the variety and unsurpassed quality of natural sandstones and porcelain slabs we bring to all our customers. We have exclusive tie ups with sandstone mines and production units in India which enables us to source and supply an immense variety of natural sandstones of unbeatable quality. The buying experience is aptly summarised by one of our key customers based in the South of England who said: ‘It’s as simple as buying from my local shop and getting it delivered to my yard, the only difference being the shop has the variety and prices of Rajasthan, India’

We could not have described it any better!

Please get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through how we can add value to your business.

Why Choose Us

1. Unbeatable Prices

Simplistically put we’ll never be beaten on price.
These are tough times and we know how important being affordable is to you and your clients.
In the current socio economic environment its imperative for every business in this trade to be at their sharpest on price and we are well positioned to help you with that.

How do we get to these amazing prices?

Our tie ups with the miners give us complete control of the supply chain. We have no intermediaries in the supply chain and this means that there are no additional margins or costs which are often incurred by other resellers.

2. No Hassle Delivery and Local UK Presence

All you have to do is to choose the paving stones & setts you want from India and our local UK operations team will handle everything after that. Before long it would be with you at your warehouse or yard and you’d have gone through the process, seamlessly, without any hassle, whatsoever, which a normal import process entails. The bill of ladings, the numerous conversations with the supplier in India, arranging the freight etc are all history – and at no additional cost ‘A walk in the park’ import!

Our local UK based operations and your dedicated account manager, available at the end of a phone here, will guide you through all aspects of your product selection and constantly update you through the delivery and aftersales process.
Please get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through how we can add value to your business.

3. Ethical Sourcing

There have been reams of documents produced to in the past few years to address the challenges on usage of child labour and bonded labour along with the occupational health and safety for workers within the Sandstone mines but its largely remained a paper exercise.
Ascent Stones, however, is totally invested in upholding the rights of the people employed in this industry. This is something extremely important to us and we know it’s equally important to all our customers in the UK as well. We will never compromise on this.
Several large UK based stone trading organisations have pledged their commitment to these principles and indeed espouse them on their websites but sadly the ground reality is that pace and scale of reforms still leaves much to be desired.
However, at Ascent Stones, we’re clear on our thoughts on this. Here are our fundamental direction setting principles and we’ll unfailingly abide by them–
• We don’t and will never engage child labour in the mines or in the factories processing the stones

• We don’t and will never utilise any form of bonded labour for our mining and production processes

• To run sustainable and environment friendly processes we plant trees on any closed quarries

We hope this gives you confidence that any product you procure from us is 100 percent ethically sourced.

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